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Mzizzi, provides you with an e-commerce online shop that has built-in payments, and delivery service.
We provide a safe and convenient platform for your customers to buy from you.
Mzizzi is great, especially when it comes to making sure my clients can still pay and get their deliveries,
regardless of what I’m going through in my personal life.

Kurlycheeks, Tendaji Designs


Selling on Mzizzi is such a smooth and easy experience.

Terryanne Chebet, Keyara Organics

Over 2900+ businesses trust & use Mzizzi – Extend your brand and reach – No matter the size of your business, Mzizzi will work with you.

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Your Brand, Your E-commerce Shop

We all work so hard to build our businesses, our brands. Why get diluted by selling on some crowded marketplace where your hard-work gets dissolved and lost.

Mzizzi allows you to keep your own brand while providing the performance and quality of a giant store. We build you, your own free e-commerce shop, that looks and feels like you do.

  • No design skills needed.
  • No Payments needed.
  • No long hours, weeks or months.
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In-Built Delivery

We take care of your deliveries so that you can focus on building your business.

We pick up items that customers have bought from you, and we deliver to them to the customer at *no cost to you (merchant).

Be the boss

Manage your business centrally

Running your online shop should be every bit as simple as selling in a physical one. Mzizzi enables
you to run your business in the most efficient and easy ways.

  • Customize your online shop
  • Keep track of your sales, products and inventory
  • Quick and easy order management
  • Monitor growth and sales
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Safe, Fast & Easy Payments

Mzizzi allows your customers to easily pay you online, either on mobile or card. No more con games or lost revenue.

You also receive your money instantly. We don’t hold your money, and no one should.


Its Free

No setup or running costs


Accept great customer support

Sell Online

Easy E-Commerce

Minimal Commission

We only make 4.5% when you sell

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Mzizzi allows you to run your online business like a large enterprise, fast shipping, accept all payments and scale easily.

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