Your Questions Answered.

Getting started on Mzizzi

What does Mzizzi do?

Mzizzi is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your shop, track and respond to orders, collect payments and get the goods delivered — easily.

Is there a setup fee?

Goodness, NO! Our robots are not part of Sky-net.

What products should I put on my online store

It’s up to you. Whatever you want to sell, just put it up.

How do I create a shop?

Simple! Just visit “mzizzi.com” and click on the create shop button, fill in your details and start selling.

How do I get paid?

Money is king! (Don’t dare say cash) That we understand.

Most of the shop owners on Mzizzi already accept mobile money. Your shop is integrated with paytreegroup.com to allow your customers to pay you via multiple convenient methods. Currently we support:

  • Mpesa
  • Eazzypay (Equity Bank)

The robots are working hard to add more ways for you to get that mullah.

Can I switch subscription plans?

Of course, if you are on “mzizzi Plus” package wait for it to run out and you’ll revert to the basic plan.  Otherwise just pay for the plus package.

Do you offer email accounts?

I guess. Just email one of our robots and see if they can help you.

Can I download Mzizzi?

No, dummy. Mzizzi is a web service. We do not have plans to make it downloadable. You can get exportable data on our backend.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can purchase a domain name by subscribing to the mzizzi plus package or use an existing one that you own. Whichever the case, our robots just came from the sauna and are ready to help.

Which currencies and countries do you support?

For now, our robots want to ensure that the service they offer in Kenya is perfect, they only trade in the Kenya Shilling (Ksh).

Do I need a web host?

What for? The air you breathe is free so is Mzizzi.com, just setup your shop and start selling. You only pay if you want to.

Mzizzi works on all devices and operating systems. Robots take care of the hard labour and you reap the benefits.

What are your bandwidth fees?

What is bandwidth?

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Orders & Deliveries on Mzizzi

How will I know when orders are made?

You will get a notification by email or mobile text message, log in to your account and check out the details screen for that order. If you need to get more information from your customer, you can send them an email or call them right away.

Who will deliver my orders?

Mzizzi handles delivery of your orders to your customers.

  • Package up the order, make sure the packaging protects the order adequately and wait for a call from a Mzizzi Delivery attendant.
  • The courier will pick up your order, and deliver the order to the customer.
  • Log in to your account, mark the order as shipped within Mzizzi to keep track of things. You can keep track of payments made in your linked paytreegroup.com account.